Scott A. Johnson, MA, LP
Forensic Consultation
Scott Allen Johnson, MA., LP, DABPS
Licensed Psychologist
  • Owner- Forensic Consultation
  • Adjunct Instructor- Florida Gulf Coast University
Mr. Johnson's textbook & Booklet. Click on the book to see more
information or to order a copy.
Services include case consultation and training related to understanding sexual
offenders and physical abusers. Effective investigation, interrogation, forensic
assessment, expert testimony, treatment, criminal prosecution, supervision, and
civil commitment require understanding the characteristics and behaviors that
physical abusers and sexual offenders possess and demonstrate. Mr. Johnson's
training and case consultation will help make you more effective in your work.

For over
30 years Mr. Johnson has been educating law enforcement, probation,
prosecutors, and forensic mental health professionals about sexual predators
and physically violent offenders. Mr. Johnson’s work and books are being used
nationwide to educate professionals (including judges, probation officers, and
police officers) about physical abusers and sexual offenders.
The National
Judicial Education Program for Legal Momentum is using Mr. Johnson’s textbook
to educate Judges about sexual offenders
I offer high quality consultation, presentations and training related to assessing,
prosecuting, treating, and investigating sexual offenders and physical abusers. I also
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and response to crisis situations to offer
supportive education.
Who benefits from the services offered
The services offered will benefit:
  • Investigators and Detectives
  • General Law Enforcement Officers
  • Child Protection
  • Probation & Parole Officers
  • Forensic Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals
  • Judges, Prosecutors and Defense attorneys
  • Treatment professionals Involved in Treating Physical Abusers and/or
    Sexual Offenders
  • Educators
  • RN's and other Medical Staff Working in Mental Health or Emergency Rooms
Mr. Johnson: has presented at numerous national and international conferences
Florida Sex Crimes Investigators Association
Offender Watch: Sex Offender Management & Innovation
The Society of Police and Criminal Psychologists
The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA)
The American College of Forensic Examiners
Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape, & Domestic Abuse (State Wide Training)
International Conference on Sexual Assault & Harassment on Campus
International Congress on the Treatment of Sexual Offenders
Iowa Sex Crimes Investigation Association
Minnesota Department of Corrections
Minnesota Sex Crimes Investigators Association
Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health
Minnesota Psychological Association
Radio & Television Producers & Reporters:
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appearance with Mr. Johnson, please contact
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I provide training and consultation for law
enforcement, U.S. Probation, and Department
of Defense (JSOC) nationwide. Numerous
police departments have hosted my trainings
in over
30 States!
Blue lives matter- our prayers are with
all law enforcement and their families!!!